"The pictures came out beautifully, and she had the perfect idea of scenery and poses to make me look way better than I am in person.”


- Madison, Bride

When it’s all said and done, all that you are left with is your photos. The most important part of my process is editing every single photo by hand in my signature bright and natural style that will be classic for decades to come.

After all, shouldn’t you treasure your wedding photography forever?


In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, it can be hard to figure out what you not only like now…but what you will want years down the line. I edit every image intentionally in a bright and timeless style so you will look like you have a glowy filter on your face and not caught up in the latest trend.

The photos of your wedding are not just the story of this day, but you two getting to this day. I take extra care to photograph all the details that are special to you, from family heirlooms passed down to your reception florals to all the custom touches.

Sentimental Details Artfully Captured

No matter how awkward you may feel in front of the camera, I'm an expert at helping break down the jitters so you and your partner feel truly like yourselves. Say hello to natural romance, laughs, and smiles in every single photo.

Romantic Portraits that Feel Like You

I know how rare it is to have everyone you love in one room together, which is why I take extra care with the photos of your parents, families, and close friends. You'll see lots of photos of them throughout your gallery from getting ready to the dance floor.

Attention to your most loved people

Do you like bright and natural photos? No worries, I gotchu! I am an expert editor trained after working upon thousands of thousands of photos. Your skin tone will look as glowy as an Instagram filter, without feeling overly edited. You'll love how you look.

An Eye for Lighting & Color

what to expect

Fine Art with a Pop

timeless style that never goes out of fashion

Signature editing style

expertise editing an array of skin tones & lighting conditions

ability to work at both light and dark venues

bright, romantic portraits that are happy and fun

clean and consistent imagery that looks more art than dark

An eye for true-to-life color and light

Pssssst... it's not just about great photos

Great Photos Come From a Great Experience

And that’s what I’m all about. For every step of the process, you are trusting a seasoned and experienced professional who goes above and beyond. 

here's what you can expect working with me

Not a long veil person, still dream of that picture? I gotchu. I bring a cathedral veil to get you the shot. I’ll pin it in, direct you, and *snap* – the photo of perfection.

I Bring the Cathedral Veil of Your Dreams

Have a fiancé who doesn’t love photos? I’ll bring their favorite beer to our engagement session to help him warm up. It’s a guaranteed way to get him excited about taking pictures. 

Shotgun a Beer to Get the Shot

no 2

My rolling suitcase of supplies comes with me to every wedding to ensure against any mishaps. Band-aids, tie clips, sewing kits, tissues, hairspray, ibuprofen, eye drops. You name it, I got it. 

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

No 1

no 3

No cheeto skin tones or too-dark photos here. Every single one of your photos is edited with my expert eye, to bring a bright and natural look to every image with skin tones that feel like a filter. Think “Fine Art with a Pop”

True-to-Life Bright and Vibrant Editing 

I’ll capture every angle with all my lenses. A 35mm for storytelling, 50mm for family groups, 85mm for speeches and details, 70-200mm for creamy portraits, 135mm for candids, and a 24mm for fun dance floor shots. 

A Hoarder's Supply of Lenses

no 5

The story of your day starts in the details. That’s why I bring a styling mat, ring boxes, and talk to your florist in advance to ensure the photos of your invitations, rings, perfumes, and special details look just like those Pinterest photos you love.

Styling Your Details to Perfection

No 4

no 6

Saindy crafted very detailed options for us, and she was very patient with us as we could not get our timeline straight. Most importantly, she is very understanding and possesses the best qualities of professionalism.

“The quality of the photos was exceptional, and she even gave us a free album.”

eddie & ruth

Her personality is awesome and she helped make my wedding amazing. I definitely recommend booking with her :) She was very punctual and responded to all of our requests.

"We absolutely loved working with Saindy. Her personality is awesome."

Ariella & Isiah

Raves & Reviews

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