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Oklahoma Salt Plains Engagement Shoot

Couple hugging and he's kissing her cheek

Imagine standing on a white surface made from salt of an ocean that ages ago covered the space you are now walking. As you look at the horizon, you can barely see the line separating the ground from the sky. You are in the Salt Plains of Oklahoma, a natural wonder and the perfect setting for an engagement shoot.

Located in the northern portion of the State of Oklahoma, you will find this 840-acre unique state park, where the main attraction is the Salt Plains, especially if you are looking for some awesome picture opportunities. What I love the most about this location is how it perfectly fits any style of engagement shooting. You can go from elegant to casual without any trouble since the background and surroundings are so neutral but unique.

The Oklahoma Salt Plains are located within a state park, so you can plan for a full day trip to enjoy other activities after your photoshoot. You can hike, do some bird watching, camp, and even dig up unique Selenite Crystals shaped like an hourglass, which by the way, you cannot find any other place in the world.

For this shoot, the couple wanted to have a casual and comfortable look with a hint of elegance, and the atmosphere of the location fitted nicely and complimented the gorgeous and flowy green dress the bride to be worn, along with the slacks and nice button shirt of his fiancé.

Their love story began at a restaurant, where she was a bartender, and one lucky day, he walked up with a friend to eat but little did they knew it was not going to be just another lunch. When he asked for the bill, he gathered the courage to ask for her phone number, and the spark of love ignited a fire.

The big question was asked time later, as they planned a trip to Colorado. They stayed at an Airbnb, and his original plans included waiting until the right moment to propose, but who can keep such a secret for that long? He popped the question as soon as they arrived at the Airbnb, and as you can imagine, the answer was a yes.

And to celebrate and treasure the lovely stage of engagement, they decided to have an engagement photo shoot; the experience was incredible. When you combine a couple who portrays such pure love and a genuine bond with a killer location as the Salt Plains, the result cannot be anything else but magical.

They are now waiting for the big day to arrive, which will be celebrated in the Pecandarosa Ranch, a wedding venue nestled in a 40-acre pecan grove. Anxiously waiting to celebrate with their family and friends, but mainly excited for their Tres Leches cake and the mariachi playing at their celebration.

Their advice for couples who are about to have an engagement session is to have fun, smile, drink some cold ones, and enjoy the experience. The soon-to-be bride said “Saindy was a blast! Makes you look amazing in every picture and knows how to have fun!” This Oklahoma Salt Plains Engagement Shoot was one for the books!

Dream Team:

Photographer- Saindy Pyle Photography

Make Up- Lindsay West

Location- Salt Plains

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